MAP by Kel & Partners

Ever wish you had a little birdie on your shoulder telling you what to do next on your social media channels? Our Marketing Accountability Programs (MAP) gives your in-house marketing team access to expert guidance and accountability check ins that are designed to keep your in-house teams functioning like an agency, helping them navigate campaigns and launches, key buying seasons, and every day as something changes on social media platforms.

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You don’t need a marketing degree to excel at marketing. And you don’t need to spend all of your time marketing your business to have a meaningful impact on customer growth and retention, employee recruitment, and establishing thought leadership. 

The rise of social media has created opportunities for marketers to reach their targets faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. But with tens of thousands of articles about “how to do social media” published every month, it can be next to impossible to figure out where to invest your time, when your time is at a premium. 

Our Marketing Accountability Program (MAP) was created to aid in-house marketing teams in how to utilize owned-social channels most effectively as well as to help anyone seeking to figure out social media marketing on their own. The MAP co-founders have a combined 25 years of agency social media marketing experience across every sector imaginable, and have distilled their learnings into a program that empowers businesses to excel at social media marketing.

  • Access to Agency Tools 
    • Social media best practices and tools to succeed, updated regularly
      • Community Management and customer service 
      • Influencer Engagement 
      • Content strategy and creation 
      • How to use keywords and hashtags to increase engagement 
      • How to optimize your profile on every platform 
      • Social Media Management on the days you have only 5 minutes to spare

  • Access to Experts 
    • Monthly AMA with agency experts 
    • Monthly trends report subscription 
    • Slack channel (expert tips & peer networking) 
    • Tactic case studies (published monthly) 
    • Real-time access via dedicated Slack channel
    • One time “custom consult” where we’ll evaluate a campaign or your social channels with a full “scorecard”

  • Accountability 
    • Weekly “tactic to try” newsletter 
    • Social success checklist and timeline

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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