Meag Shaffer | Executive Vice President Social Media
Meag Shaffer Executive Vice President Social Media

Meag Shaffer is the Executive Vice President of Social Media for Kel & Partners. She builds and executes smart social strategies for Kel & Partners' ever-expanding list of clients, including TrueCar, Cumberland Farms, UNREAL and more.  Whether it's activating a company's sales force on Twitter or engaging its target consumers on Pinterest or capturing potential customers via low-cost Facebook advertising strategies, Meag knows the tips and tricks for making social media initiatives work. 

Meag began her career in sales, where she honed her skills in relationship building, and where she learned first-hand about how marketing impacts the sales process and a company's bottom line. After sales, she spent more than half a decade in public relations, working with a variety of brands. It was during her time in PR that Meag grew passionate about social media and the value of engagement and content sharing in today's marketing world.

Meag prides herself on understanding and loving all things social media. An early adopter of social networks, Meag still has her MySpace page and her Friendster account! Her work motto just about sums up her love for her job: "My work is my play because I'm playing when I work." (Beastie Boys forever.) 

Meag tries to learn something new every day; her team's official (internal) hashtag is #LearningAndGrowing. She's a happy vegan that lives in Quincy with her husband Dan and beloved Jack Russell/Basset Hound/Beagle-hybrid Benny. Follow Meag on Twitter @RedHeadMeag.