Kel Kelly | Partner Founder & CEO
Kel Kelly Partner Founder & CEO

Kel spent her career as a senior marketing executive on the client side for companies in virtually every sector. Then she turned 40 in 2002 and decided to build the "anti-agency agency." She would staff it with people who actually "got it" and, above all, would not do the typical agency stuff that drove Kel insane, like billable hours, pitch and switch, put junior people as leads on accounts, produce meaningless reports rather than results and so on. Kel's new agency would have, at its core, employees who not only have walked a mile in the client's shoes, but also had run a marathon in the dark and freezing rain while darting across a 6-lane highway.

The client sweet spot for Kel & Partners is to help low to no awareness, consumer and internet-based brands. Kel & Partners builds and leverages fresh, high-ROI strategies for our clients and then executes them via standout public relations and social media initiatives. Why? Because our low-to-no awareness clients live and die based on the ability to get above the noise level. Kel & Partners "anti-agency agency" model coupled with our client-side DNA blend to create a brilliant partnership for our clients.

Under Kel's direction, Kel & Partners has consistently delivered explosive results for brands, like:, UNREAL,, Catalog Spree, Staples,,, Flor, Cumberland Farms and hundreds of others.

Kel is a social media junkie who smokes Google Analytics in a crack pipe to get her day going and she is a self-admitted Facebook addict, who blogs, tweets, and pins with the best of them. Kel was one of the first execs featured in Business Week's series on Top 20 "CEOs Who Twitter." She has also been profiled in SUCCESS magazine as an entrepreneur who changed her life and built a wildly successful business that allowed her more balance to be a better mom.

As someone who is allergic to details, Kel credits the K&P team for absolutely everything. Kel & Partners does zero marketing and 90+% of our new business comes from existing or previous client referral. 

Kel is proud to say she went to UMASS Dartmouth for undergrad and probably only got in because she was a good basketball player. In 2013, she renounced her MBA from Assumption College based on Pope Benedict's egregious accusations about gay people and gay marriage. Based on her success in the business world, Babson College - the #1 MBA School for Entrepreneurship -- asked Kel to be a visiting lecturer in its MBA program. While at Babson, she taught Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Communications Strategy & Consumer Behavior. She still laughs over the fact that Babson would have rejected her application as a student yet found her worthy of teaching there years later. Kel views this as a reminder that parents should never give up on their children - some just start a little later and take a different path than others.

Kel is married to Ginny Pitcher, K&P's Co-Founder & President. Kel & Ginny have four kids, four dogs, three cats, eleven tattoos (don't ask where), and endless laughter.