Head Peeps

Rather than force you to read some dull, flavorless list of our professional accomplishments, we think it makes more sense to give you insight into who we are as human beings by answering one simple question: What fills your heart with joy?

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Kel Kelly

Founder, Chief Positioning Strategist, Crisis PR Warrior

Nothing in my lifetime has filled my heart with more joy than the refugee humanitarian work I do through Humanity Rises ( There are over 25 million refugees in the world who have been forced to flee their countries because of unimaginable horror – from genocide to chemical warfare to torture to terrorism and beyond. I founded Humanity Rises under the fundamental belief that during the world's darkest moments, light always shines through when humanity rises to help those affected by tragedy, and in helping to lift others, we lift ourselves. My heart is overflowing with joy when I’m doing this humanitarian work and I’m grateful to all the generous donors who make it possible for me to do it. #BeTheLight

Ginny Pitcher

Co-Founder & CEO

Duck tape, Gorilla glue, zip ties, and a handful of different sized paperclips. A few simple instruments that can invariably be used to fix something broken. There is no more substantial feeling of accomplishment or heart-filling satisfaction that I get than when I can solve a problem with a little Yankee ingenuity and a shit-ton of patience. It’s in those MacGyver moments that I feel authentic, earned joy. Oh, and when I’m not fixing something and waiting for praise and wonder, a big fat glass of red wine, while fully swathed in sweatpants and my favorite Stio sweatshirt, pleases me to no end.

Meagan Shaffer

EVP of Social Media

The privilege of introducing my daughter to new things. The changing of the seasons. Other people's happiness and positive energy. The way my husband looks at me when he finds something I say endearing. A crackling fire. Live music. Sunrise. Ocean air. The feeling of my dog sleeping against my leg. Making people laugh. Learning. Witnessing love in action!

Alexis Eliopoulos

EVP of Public Relations

It’s pretty simple, traveling brings me joy. It might sound cliche but the moment I step off a plane, I instantly feel relaxed and excited to take on a new adventure. Life is crazy and moves quick, so it can be hard to disconnect and take time for yourself. When being in a new spot, it instantly puts fire in my soul to explore, eat, connect with the locals, and get myself to a beach. Some of my favorite spots are Greece, Italy, and Miami. My 3 nieces and 2 nephews also bring tremendous joy into my life as I watch them grow up. And nothing beats a fresh manicure!

Julia McGovern

Vice President of Social Media

Is it corny to say laughter? Probably, but that's my answer. Making someone laugh or sharing a laugh with someone else makes the day feel all the more delightful. I think you can always find a reason to laugh.

Liz White

Vice President of Public Relations

Celebrating the wins in life of those I love. Joy can't be found through things you wear, own or consume. It lies within moments such as seeing my nephew become starting pitcher or watching a friend complete her first half marathon. Witnessing the fulfillment, gratitude and accomplishments of those close to me is a reminder of how lucky we are to try our best at life every single day. I also have yet to meet a dog I don’t swoon over — and there’s something to be said about a freshly flossed mouth.