Head Peeps

Rather than force you to read some dull, flavorless list of our professional accomplishments, we think it makes more sense to give you insight into who we are as human beings. We're more than a 9 to 5, after all.

Kel Kelly Humanitarian, Buddhist, Warrior for the Underdog, Crypto Nerd, Empath


To Do List: • Learn to speak Italian fluently
• Inspire people to be the light for someone living in darkness

Julia McGovern Rebel With Many Causes, Distance Runner, Farming Apprentice, Pug & Cat Servant, Loller


To Do List: • Run the 6 major marathons (Boston and Chicago down!)
• Finally figure out how to keep squirrels away from my strawberries in my garden
• Unlearn the harmful ways I innately participate in a racist society
• Prioritize employee health and happiness over everything
• Ensure all voices at the agency are heard

Meagan Shaffer Laugher, Soft Listener, Home Cook Extraordinaire, Mother to My Favorite Comedian


To Do List: • Master my monkey brain through meditation
• Grow enough vegetables to host the at-home Summer Harvest Festival of my dreams
• Continue to evolve the agency's service offerings to align with the growth goals of our incredible, talented, hardworking, smart, kind and caring employees
• Continue to disrupt the "work until you're exhausted" culture with strategies that empower employees to work smarter, not harder
• Breed impactful, measurable results for our clients.

Nicole Reyes Amature At-Home Chef Plant God-Parent Comically Competitive

Director, Social Media

To Do List: - Figure out the inner workings of an indoor and/or window garden. (Apartment problems.)
- Continue to learn and immerse myself in our innovations. As Kel and Partners grows and evolves, I hope to be a resource and a mentor my team can depend on.

Caroline Rogers Curious Creative, Wellness Enthusiast In Constant Search of the Light, Always Smiling

Director, Social Media

To Do: • Own an Airbnb in Italy - Benvenuto a casa di Caroline ;)
• Be the favorite social account of our client brand audiences and a source of inspiration to other brands

Alosha O'Brien 10 Time Boston Marathon Finisher, Jazz Head, Jokester

Culture Coordinator

To Do List: • Prank the team
• Smile and be happy
• Be thankful for life, family, and the little things
• Learn how to take pictures for our clients
• Learn about graphic design