Our Culture

The Kel & Partners culture is driven by one thing -- happiness. Since our inception, we have never had a revenue target. Our goals have never been financially driven and have always been around making our employees and clients deliriously happy.

We view our employees as our number one asset and at its core is a belief that work/life balance should always be a priority. Balanced employees work twice as hard and consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients. And we believe that no matter what, we should always have a fun time doing our jobs. Laughter is part of our core DNA. From local micro-brews on tap in the office (for after hours, of course) to "Bring Your Parents To Work Day" to smart, fun and accountable employees, we got it all goin' on. Our hip space located in the Innovation District overlooks Boston's skyline, harbor and airport.

To get a flavor of just what it means to be a K&P Peep take a look at our Flickr feed, our YouTube channel, one of our blogs, Twitter stream or just swing by for a beer.

Kel Kelly's Blog

  • My Journey Volunteering at a Refugee Camp

    Wednesday, Mar 23 2016

    The biggest humanitarian crisis of our lives is playing out in front of us and there is no end in sight. Millions of innocent refugees have fled their countries to escape the violence of terrorist organizations like ISIS and the Taliban. Click here to follow my journey of volunteering at a refugee camp on the [...]

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  • Why I’m Proud My Son Dropped Out of College and Didn’t Get His Degree

    Thursday, Jul 2 2015

    Three years ago, my wife and I were on a cruise with our children. When I woke up and turned on my phone, on the second to last day of the trip, there was a stream of missed calls and texts from my children’s father’s family. I knew what it was about before I even [...]

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The Ampersand Blog

  • The Kel & Partners Social Media Team is Hiring!

    Wednesday, Sep 23 2015

    Are you fascinated by all things social media? Do you dream in 120 character increments with hopes of ReTweets? Are your Snaps the type people want to screen grab for all of the right reasons? Do you roll your eyes at the “teens are leaving Facebook!” headlines? We should talk. Kel & Partners is seeking […]

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  • My Facebook Relationship Through the Good & the Bad

    Tuesday, Dec 30 2014

    I am in a relationship on Facebook. Oh no, no, apologies, I misspoke; I am in a relationship with Facebook. I spend all my time on him and we never get bored. We’ve been through a lot together, he and I. A few things come to mind right off the bat: • Who was there […]

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